a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

In 2012 i wore a bow tie for the first time  and i got so many compliments from my friends, a couple months after that i had the idea of creating my own line of bow ties, inspired by the two things i love: FASHION & ROCK N’ ROLL.

So i created my first ever spiked bow tie, and having such an edgy-looking bow tie i had to come up with a name, On December 2012, RIØT bow ties evolved from dream to reality.

A Riot is something you don’t see very often, that was the whole idea of creating the kind bow ties that you don’t see very often, something you wear and it will make you feel good.

It’s been More than 4 years, and we have had proud customers from all over the world, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, to name a few.

Based in Monterrey México and now with an office in Austin, TX shipping worldwide, RIØT bow ties works everyday to bring you design, quality and exclusive items, that are hand made, with only man made materials (no fur or leather because we love animals) and 3D printed items.

RIØT is not just an accessory, it’s an attitude.